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We, Petek and Buse, are the founders of the UtoBit collection and world. We are young people who want to stay out of the system, who are aware of how short life is and who want to live the way they want. Two years ago, they both quit their jobs. They have decided that this is not what they want to do in life. Petek did not want to be an engineer for others, he wanted to produce new things and make inventions. Buse also wanted to make her own films, not crawling for ridiculous scenarios on movie sets. They have been dealing with the stock market for the past 5 months. During this time, they were making Pixel Art and Voxel Art as a hobby. They met NFT 3 months ago. Thus, their first collection, the UtoBits collection, emerged.

From their mouth;
"Our goal is not just to make money with NFTs. We want to create a team for ourselves. We want to meet people from different parts of the world with whom we can share ideas and call when we go to their country one day."




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