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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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UtoBits are collectible non-fungible tokens (NFTs) available on OpenSea. There will only be 1000 issued, and each UtoBit is unique. Some are more rare than others, and each has its own personality. Follow @utobits on Twitter. Join our Discord

UtoBits is not just a collection. We have set ourselves specific goals and below you can find the stages in which these goals will be achieved. When you buy a UtoBit, you get a special character for yourself in a digital world where there is only happiness! No discrimination, no racism.





We get our own UtoBits tattoos.

- UtoWallet filled with 2 ETH! 

- 1 ETH will be dispersed amongst "World Class" holders as a gift for creating a Utopia.


Ancient and Legendary UtoBit owners will get their own UtoHomes.

-Community wallet filled with 3 ETH.

-2 ETH giveaway to random 2 UtoBit owners on Discord. (1 ETH each)


UtoShop will be available. Ancient, Legendary and Epic UtoBit owners can claim their UtoStatues on the website.

-Community wallet filled with 6 ETH.

-5 ETH giveaway to random 5 UtoBit owner.

(1 ETH each)

*UtoStatues are physical duplicates of UtoBits in a statue form which will be revealed soon! 


UtoPets will be released. All holders can claim their UtoPets on the website.

- 1 or 2 UtoBits equals to 1 UtoPet

-2 to 5 UtoBits equal to 2 UtoPet

-5 to 10 UtoBits equal to 3 UtoPet

-10 or more UtoBits equal to 5 UtoPet

*We are currently working on a software that allows you to see your UtoBit wherever/whenever you want!


If you'd like to see an example


Project AR will begin.

-Community wallet filled with 8 ETH

-UtoBar will be activated

Road Map
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UtoBit rarities are determined not only by race, accessory, but also by world rarity. You can see these rarities in the properties section, starting with UtoBit #101.

UtoBits between 1-100 are called "World Class".

These UtoBits are the story characters of the game.

world class.png



Buse and Petek met in 2016 at Old Town Pub in Ankara, Turkey. Buse worked at one of the largest Television stations in the country, Petek, an engineer manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


It was a time of both economic and political uncertainty. Between the stresses of their jobs and a domestic environment marked by discrimination, religious persecution, systemic instability, and more, they wanted a way to escape.


This desire gave rise to the idea of a virtual utopia marked by diversity, inclusion, honesty, and personal growth.


In 2021 they teamed up on Utobits. The idea was simple: to create the characters who would populate this virtual utopia. They quit their jobs and are now pouring their passion and love into handcrafting 1,000 one-of-a-kind characters that realize this vision.


While the vision is a grand one, we will start by delivering our community the characters which they can bring into any metaverse. Best of all, we have put together what we believe is the most generous NFT license ever crafted.

Meet the Crew

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